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Re: Out of date contact information

  • From: Robert Bowman
  • Date: Wed May 01 23:39:14 1996

I have found that, with only one unnamed exception, if you write to [email protected]
it will get forwarded to the appropriate people.  Some places it takes a 
while, while others (I must plug ANS here..  they are very well organized 
with regards to email delegations) are very quick.  Writing directly to 
anyone with regards to network issues is not a good thing.  Some NSPs have
a specific person that only handles peering contracts.

Sr. Hole Plugger
Exodus Communications Inc.
(408) 522-8473
[email protected]
> I hate to interrupt the ongoing discussion about peering, but I'd
> like to bring up another perennial topic, out-of-date network contact
> information.  The larger, and older the company the harder it is
> to find the right contact person.
> Sure there are lots, and lots of lists; WHOIS at the InterNIC, lists
> kept by various NAP operators, even in TXT records.  So
> many lists people have difficulty knowing what to update when people's
> responsibilities change.
> Suppose I wanted to find out Sprint's real policy this week, or a government
> agency network such as ESnet's Internet policy; who would I contact?  The
> listed contact names don't seem to work, or are out-of-date.
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> Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
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