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Re: Renumbering and the Feb 15-16 NANOG meeting

  • From: Matt Zimmerman
  • Date: Mon Feb 19 17:23:57 1996

On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Jon Zeeff wrote:

> > > I'd like to see a DNS xfer protocol that allowed secondaries to be
> > > completely updated from a master - ie, the master could send all types
> > > of updates to the secondary site - mater ip address, domains to handle, etc.
> > a secondary DNS server would be told by another which primaries it 
> > should trust?  Sounds like trouble to me.  As does allowing remote 
> Sounds like a lot less trouble than giving someone root on my machine
> because I don't want to be bothered everytime he starts providing
> service for another domain.

If this is that often, perhaps he should be doing his own secondary DNS. 
Or you could set up an automated system (perhaps with a user-friendly WWW
interface?) that authenticates username/password pairs and makes
controlled changes.  Dunno about you, but I wouldn't trust my DNS
configuration to very many of our customers, authenticated or no. 

Even if you do allow others to make changes, there's no reason why superuser 
access is required make changes to the bootfile.

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