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Re: Renumbering and the Feb 15-16 NANOG meeting

  • From: Paul Ferguson
  • Date: Sat Feb 17 23:13:49 1996


I think that this would be an opportune time to mention the PIER [Procedures
for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering] WG; the issues that you mentioned below
fall with PIER's charter to accomplish. 

I would recommend that anyone interested get involved with PIER; information
on the PIER mailing list is available at:

We also have a block scheduled at the LA IETF, tentatively on Wed. March 6.

- paul

At 06:54 PM 2/17/96 -0800, Craig A. Huegen wrote:

>The problem, you ask?  I don't see very many resources available which 
>help ISP's to renumber more easily--time line planners, reminder lists 
>with commonly-missed parameters, etc.
>I realize that renumbering is a fact of life--my last post, however, 
>shows my true feelings regarding most pre-CIDR blocks; that their 
>providers should be willing to allow customers to keep using the space they 
>allocated in the pre-CIDR days.
>If there are these renumbering resources available, make sure that the small 
>and big providers alike are making them available to the customers who are 
>willing to attempt a re-number.  Make sure the customer service of the 
>provider is willing to deal with the complexities of renumbering (and 
>keep in mind it _IS_ a very complex project--EVERYTHING from IP addresses 
>to static routes to applications which are hard-coded). Unfortunately, the ISP
>that I saw change providers didn't have this help at their fingertips--they 
>could have potentially saved almost all of the customers they lost.