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Re: Idea for US Internet Benchmarking System...

  • From: Eric Kozowski
  • Date: Wed Feb 14 23:05:35 1996

>>The question we would like to pose to the provider community is, "Is
>>this interesting and useful?"  If the answer is yes, we will proceed
>>with our work.
>Well, I can somewhat speak from an ISP perspective, since that is my
>bailiwick; I can certainly see immense usefulness in such an application.
>The ability to use asymmetric paths for troubleshooting is, from my 
>perspective, quite attractive.
>Please -- proceed.  :-)

Definately.  I just had a problem today that would have been much easier
and quicker to troubleshoot with a tool like that.  As it was, it took
about an hour w/ the MCI and AlterNet NOC, as well as myself, to diagnose
a routing problem and get it fixed.


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