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Re: [NIC-960209.1757] Routing Problem (fwd)

  • From: Paul Ferguson
  • Date: Tue Feb 13 13:34:38 1996


That's what CIDR is all about; the geographical allocation of
addresses/prefixes at the point of Internet connectivity for the
purposes of aggregation. If there is no sanity in address allocation,
we cannot solve the problem.

- paul

At 01:15 AM 2/13/96 +0000, Simon Chan wrote:

>The unfortunate requirement of such scheme to work is that
>all address space allocated to the small ISP's has to be contiquous so that it 
>could be aggregated to a larger prefix under an autonomous system.  
>Given the completely arbitrary manner adopted by the Internic's 
>address allocation policy, (eg. 4 C's to ISP A, skip a few C's, 8 C's 
>to ISP B where A and B can be 4,000 miles apart) it is safe to assume 
>that the small chunks of C class addresses are geographically 
>dispersed throughout the States with many holes still unassigned or 
>unaccounted for.  If you are talking about swamp, this is it.  
>However, a survey for how those chunks of address got broken up into 
>many different places perhaps can help in the direction of finding 
>such solution.  If these small IP pieces can be grouped together 
>according to their geographic locations,  there is chance that some 
>broken chunks may be pieced together to form large enough piece by 
>pure luck.  If such solution exists, I am sure someone would be 
>interested in forming such regional consortiums to help salvage the once lost 
>IP addresses.