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Disbanding nsfnet-cert list on

  • From: Larry J. Blunk
  • Date: Mon Feb 12 13:26:48 1996

  At this point, I will be removing the nsfnet-cert mail list exploder
on (given that the NSFNET is long dead and I don't feel
like policing this list).   This list is currently subscribed to
the  cert-advisory list at   If you're not already subscribed
to this list directly, you'll need to subscribe via the following

  [email protected]

  By the way, here's the current subscription list for [email protected]
Folks may want to subscribe their local exploder to the cert advisory list
rather than having individuals subscribe directly.

 [email protected],
 [email protected] (Ken Paquette),
 [email protected] (Eric J. Korpela),
 [email protected],
 [email protected] (Mary Hageman),
 [email protected] (D.Ashton-Reader),
 [email protected] (Tim McKee),
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],

Larry J. Blunk
Merit Network, Inc.       Ann Arbor, Michigan