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Re: looking for suggestions on a PD work ticketing system to give to ISPs

  • From: David Kovar
  • Date: Tue Feb 06 18:42:14 1996

> > In my CIX work I have identified the need to provide a public domain or
> > otherwise freely redistributable work ticketing system. Since many of the
> > people using this will be ISPs, I thought I would ask this group for any
> > recommendations that people may have on this,
> > 
> > I hope this message isn't to far afield of what the list is for.
> > 
> > Please send all responses/flames just to me.
> > 
> 	Is there a real problem with the NearNet TT system that
> 	Dan Long wrote?
> -- 
> --bill

  Other than requiring an Oracle (Ingress?) database server, nothing
at all. I've been very impressed, from a client side, with that system
for years. Of course, Dan used to be my landlord, so I may be biased.

I did talk with Dan about using his system awhile back and he
mentioned that it had some oddities in it that made him reluctant to
encourage anyone else to use it. Unfortunately, I do not recall
any more of the details of that conversation.