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Re: Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

  • From: Edward Henigin
  • Date: Fri Feb 02 20:47:54 1996

	you're getting really annoying.

	If a customer wants a static ip address, sell it to him.

	95% of all customers do not need that static ip address.  why
waste address space on customers who don't even need that service
you're talking about?  No one will argue that some people find static
IP's useful, but to generalize that tiny percentage into a *compelling*
reason for *every* customer to have a static ip....


On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Peter Galbavy wrote:
> Your mail yes, but can you access secure systems that use IP filtering ?
> Can you run a BBS from midnight to 5am and p expect people to find your
> host by domain name ? Can you get SMTP mail delivery ? etc etc. We have
> always been selling a full Internet connection, not just access.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Peter Galbavy                                                 [email protected]
> @ Demon Internet                                      phone://44/181/371_3700