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Re: Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

  • From: Bill Manning
  • Date: Fri Feb 02 10:09:36 1996

> > 	for these values.  From my limited viewpoint, the only way
> > 	to recover the space is a voluntary return, based on the
> > 	original allocation policies.
> There must be some mechanism implemented whereby address space will return
> to the IANA after a specified period of time unless otherwise requested by
> the prefix holder. 

	There were a couple of methods suggested here:

		preemptive hijacking - 
		voluntary return -
		periodic fees -

	Hijacking has a number of interesting problems
	Periodic fees will take a year or more to implement
	Voluntary return can be done -now-.

	Which method is the least stressfull and has reasonable impact
	on the existing routing table crunch?

> > 	as a technological means to protect a networks internal 
> > 	stability, is presumptious and rude at best and legally 
> > 	indefensable at worst.
> How are the InterNIC coping with the new domain name charging scheme?  If
> this were successful, a similar scheme might be considered for address
> prefixes.  The legal consequences are similar if not quite the same, and
> one is really no more rude or presumptious than the other.

	Not quite the same beast.  Domain lables are -not- a finite resource.
	There are a wide range of viable alternatives to paying the InterNIC
> Nick