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Re: Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

  • From: Bill Manning
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 21:08:48 1996

> > 	We are working on the 192.x.x.x swamp right now.
> > 	Rough estimates (with much more accurate data @ NANOG)
> > 
> > 		60% - invalid or missing contact information
> This is interesting.  How about a policy that says if nobody can contact you
> and none of your addresses are reachable, then after some period, your
> addresses get recycled.

	Interesting indeed.  

	Lets see...

	Nobody can contact you  .. is that the admin/tech contact,
		the administrative entity (corp, gov, agency etc)
		or ????
	Addresses not reachable .. From which vantage point is this
		measuerment taken?
	Some period ..  Like the 99 year lease on HongKong?

	Perhaps there is better wisdom out there on correct metrics
	for these values.  From my limited viewpoint, the only way
	to recover the space is a voluntary return, based on the
	original allocation policies.  There may be other incentives
	applied to facilitate the return, but strong-arm tactics
	and coersion, threats and hostile actions are not my favorites.
	I'd prefer to take almost any other action than blacklisting and
	hijacking.  To take such actions,  while it can be rationalized
	as a technological means to protect a networks internal 
	stability, is presumptious and rude at best and legally 
	indefensable at worst.

	Now if there are existant policies -in place-, that constrain
	the prefix handling, then your questions have been answered.

	Just my humble opinion.