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Re: value of co-location

  • From: Fletcher Kittredge
  • Date: Mon Jan 22 08:53:35 1996

On Sun, 21 Jan 1996 15:28:43 -0800 (PST)  Hans-Werner Braun wrote:
> This all is probably true if the objective is to provide the best
> possible IP service. If you apply other requirements, like integration
> of the current telephony system, or, more accurately, evolve the
> telephony system, in the telephony company mindset, to something that
> also supports data, video, and things like that, things look
> different.  Then again, so far I see little activity in the context of
> service integration. More ATM as a level-2 replacement for data
> networking.  Which brings us back to your comments, as in such an
> environment the benefit is more marginal (e.g., ATM may still have
> multiple service qualities before it is being implemented in an IP(+)
> substrate). Oh well. If there were just concerted goals.

Telephony system, Telephony system...  Oh yeah, I remember!  That was
that system they had back in the twentieth century for carrying
primitive voice communications.  I even think they used to run data
across it in the days before the cable companies dominated.