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Re: PacBell NAP and Co-location

  • From: Warren K. Williams
  • Date: Sat Jan 20 03:38:39 1996

Pushpendra Mohta wrote:
>Does the arrangement you mention still require that Pacific Bell
>retain ownership of the equipment that is placed at the Pacific Bell
>site ?

No, it does not. 

>Is a draft online somewhere ?

No, we have not as yet drafted a contract for customers. I frankly wasn't
certain as to the demand for colocation. I knew that it had been a bone of
contention for working with Pacific Bell in the past, and as a result worked
with various parties here to resolve the issue. As soon as I hear from a
serious customer requesting a co-located solution as part of their
attachment to the NAP, I'll pull together what is needed from a contractual
standpoint, and put a draft on the web. We have the physical arrangements
made and reserved, if you will, in case there is a true demand. 
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