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New Mongolian ISP wants to purchase "Internet calendars"

  • From: Steve Goldstein
  • Date: Tue Dec 26 14:26:35 1995

DATACOM, Ltd. (Data Communications Systems Co., Ltd.) has just brought up a
128 kbps satellite connection via PanAmSat into SprintLink (still waiting
on the final SprintLink hookup and config for routing).  Until the Internet
connection is finished, they will still be doing UUCP dialup to IGC/APC in
California.  So, please do not inundate them with messages, just yet, as
their phone bill will suffer.

Anybody who knows of sources of calendars with an Internet theme is invited
to send information to Dr. Enkhbat at [e-mail] address below.  My guess is
that he will use the calendars to let people know about his new service.

And, please, take replies off-line, as this request is not on-target, at
least not for nanog list.



>From: [email protected]
>Date: Mon, 25 Dec 95 14:14:47 GMT
>Subject: Internet calendars
>To: [email protected]
>Do you know someone who can send for us calendars (desktop, for wall
>etc.) with nice pictures about the Internet ? I would like to buy
>100-200 calendars and receive it via DHL.
>Enkhbat D
>Dr. Dangaasuren ENKHBAT
>Director General
>DATACOM, Ltd. (Data Communications Systems Co., Ltd.)
>Negdsen Undestnii str. 49
>+976 1 312 063
>+976 1 320 210 FAX
>e-mail: [email protected]

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