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Re: outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

  • From: Curtis Villamizar
  • Date: Fri Dec 01 03:35:22 1995

In message <[email protected]>, Matt Zimmerm
an writes:
> On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Curtis Villamizar wrote:
> > The policy toward AS4006 was set to 1:3561 2:1239 based on the
> > advisories for the 3 AS4006 nets that existed when we froze the
> > aut-num.  If you add prefixes to AS4006, you don't have to do
> > anything except to make sure to register route objects with the
> > correct origin AS.
> The prefix in question was one of these three, and our networks seem to 
> be talking just fine.  The fact that our system also sends and receives 
> hundreds of messages to/from AOL customers every day would seem to suggest 
> further that the original problem was/is with AOL.  Of course, the fact 
> that a good percentage of their servers don't respond to pings from 
> here makes it difficult to isolate when this is happening.  Are they 
> just broken in this aspect, or is this another symptom of a connectivity 
> problem between us? (I just tried this from another location outside our 
> network, and trying to ping produced a _segfault_ (Solaris 
> box)...what's going on here?)
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Try running traceroute rather than or in addition to ping.  How about
if we take this off line.  This may not be a pressing NANOG issue.