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  • From: Matt Mathis
  • Date: Tue Nov 21 18:28:34 1995

I think some of the items in the plan below may be of interest/concern to
the NANOG community....

If you will be in Dallas, you might want to attend.

Sorry about the duplicate posts.

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Subject: MBone Engineering BOF in Dallas
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 11:33:01 PST
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From: Steve Deering <[email protected]>
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An MBone Engineering BOF has been scheduled for the Dallas IETF, on Monday
evening from 7:30 to 10:00.  It will be chaired by Steve Deering and
Dino Farinacci.  The purpose of the BOF is:

	(1) to identify what problems need to be addressed and what steps
	    need to be taken to evolve the current "experimental" MBone
	    infrastructure into a ubiquitously-available, "native" IP
	    multicast service in the Internet,

	(2) to learn the status of current and planned solutions to the
	    outstanding problems, and

	(3) to begin planning for the deployment of those solutions.

Like any IETF BOF, anyone is welcome to attend, but we particularly solicit
participation by Internet service providers and IP multicast implementors.
We invite ISPs to give brief (5 minute) presentations on what they see as
the issues and obstacles to deployment of native multicast in their networks,
and we invite implementors of IP multicast infrastructure technology (e.g.,
routing protocols, management and diagnostic tools, traffic management
algorithms) to give brief (5 minute) status reports on their implementations.
The BOF will be 'cast on the MBone (of course) to try to enable participation
by those who cannot attend in person.

Here is a tentative agenda; if you have any changes or additions to suggest,
or if you are willing to give a presentation, please send mail to
[email protected] and [email protected]

	o ISP presentations -- possible issues/topics:
		- ISP plans for / experiments with native multicast 
		- un-met software requirements - routing, mgmt tools, etc.
		- need for hardware upgrades?
		- traffic management/congestion concerns
		- bandwidth availability forecasts
		- vulnerability to misconfiguration, "storms", etc.
		- other?

	o status reports on management and debugging tools
		- multicast debugging architecture - Van Jacobson
		- SNMP support for multicast - Dave Thaler
		- multicast traceroute - Bill Fenner
		- IGMP-based router info messages - Bill Fenner
		- other?

	o status reports on multicast routing implementations
		- 3Com - ??
		- Bay - ??
		- cisco - Dino Farinacci
		- PARC - Bill Fenner and/or Steve Deering
		- USC - ??
		- SGI? Sun? Digital? UCL? Alantec? other?

	o status reports on multicast traffic management mechanisms
	  (for best-efforts traffic only, i.e., excluding resource
	   reservation approaches, which are being addressed in other
		- multicast rate limits and priority dropping - Deering
		- administrative scope control - Jacobson?
		- RED?
		- other?

	o next steps for growing/improving the MBone
		- replacing tunnels with native multicast forwarding
		  wherever possible.
		- using DVMRP routing through transit PIM clouds.
		- using route aggregation and default routes in DVMRP.
		- scheduling an "MBone re-engineering week", during which
		  no one is allowed to complain that the MBone isn't working.
		- configuring administrative scope boundaries around all
		  organizations, and change sd, etc. to allocate
		  appropriately-scoped group addresses.
		- banning the use of multicast routing implementations that
		  don't correctly support pruning, mtrace, and longest-match
		  routing, e.g., pre-3.3 mrouted kernels and pre-3.5 mrouted
		- raising the 500 Kbps MBone bandwidth ceiling.
		- ...
Steve & Dino

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