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Re: Bell vs. Internet Providers (fwd)

  • From: Rae S. Ashton
  • Date: Fri Nov 10 17:27:27 1995

Don't forget to take into account, that the majority of the Telcos' charge
metered rates for commercial local calls (and even non-commercial in sime
areas).  Therefore, they are deriving revenue from the use of the local
facilities and they should have the operating revenues generated from 
these charges to re-invest in local switches, etc.   The local per 
minuite rate in our markets is not inexpensive, and is charged to all 
call originators.

R S Ashton
Ashton Communications Corporation

 On Fri, 10 Nov 1995 
[email protected] wrote:

> The question is where are the real costs of a local phone call?
> Are they in the call setup? Are they in the length of time for 
> the call? Some combination?  What switch resources need to be expanded
> to deal with long holding time calls? What switch resources can be
> reduced if you need to process fewer call setups? 
> It is possible that modem calls are a bad deal for phone companies, but
> it is also possible they are a good deal. Does anyone really know?
>   -Jeff Ogden
>    Merit