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Re: links on the blink (fwd)

  • From: Alan Hannan
  • Date: Wed Nov 08 19:04:45 1995

] I think faster routers and bigger pipes will will not solve this problem. As a
] friend likes to say, that is necessary but not sufficient. HWB is right when
] he says that the network design is not coping. He left out tools, operations
 and customer support. I think there is some percentage of the service providers
] out there who don't care about the service they provide, but I believe (hope)
] that the mejority really do care.
  This whole mess reminds me of some projects I drove by in DC.
  Perhaps that is what our current Internet is:  Low rent housing w/
  mass density and all the problem associated therein.

  A wise man has a vision of the Internet much more hierarchaly laid
  out.  While I have reservations about the Monopoly of certain
  companies controlling the top layers of the Internet, I think it
  might be the only way to keep these cesspools of intelligence from
  corrupting the NAPs and corrupting my connection to anyone single
  homed through MAE-East.

  The update I just got on the MAE-E /"Sprint" problem seems rather 
  timely to the discussion.

  We have hit the point where BGP processing on SprintLink
  routers can no longer survive moderate fall-overs.
  There is no fix for this, except:
        a/ people MUST withdraw as many prefixes as possible
        b/ the background route-flap MUST be reduced
  This is a global problem, and is not, and will not be
  confined to SprintLink.
  In short, as has been said on countless mailing-lists for
  more than a year: CIDRize or die.
  " says sean.