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Re: links on the blink (fwd)

  • From: Steven J. Richardson
  • Date: Tue Nov 07 16:27:33 1995


  I was referring to when Merit had the NSFNET NOC...!  ;-)

  Of course you are correct; if you observe the links over a
long enough time, you will see loss.   I hope that the orders
of magnitude between 10% loss and 1E-4/1E-5 make an impression
on persons saying that the first number is acceptable.

  I'm also glad to hear that MCI has continued its vigilance;
they were always very ready to look into problems which we
reported, run diagnostics with us, etc.

  Steve R.
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  >From: Curtis Villamizar <[email protected]>
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  >Enough of your wild stories of -0%- loss.  :-)  The correct figure was
  >10^-5 for acceptance with 10^-4 being the maximum threshold we would
  >accept on a running circuit before contacting MCI to take the circuit
  >in a maintenance window for diagnostics.  That doesn't mean we
  >wouldn't bug MCI to get the circuits back perfectly clean.  ;-)
  >We still have the same criteria.  I think MCInet is also as vigilant.