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Re: Request for Comments on a topological address block for N. Calif.

  • From: Tony Li
  • Date: Sun Sep 24 04:39:53 1995


Let's take a clear example:

Let's use 39/8 as the Bay area prefix.
Suppose that gets 39.1.1/24 (just to be simple).
Suppose that they happen to connect to Fix-west but not to the SF NAP.

Suppose that gets 39.100.100/24 and connects to the NAP
and not to Fix-west.

Now, we can't summarize 39/8 into the backbones at either of the two
locations.  Consider what happens if a backbone with only 39/8
delivers a packet to the NAP for  What happens?

In fact, we have to move the AAB out.  And we have to at least subsume
a biconnected (or triconnected?) subgraph of the backbones that
contains the interconnects.

The result is that we either summarize 39/8 to the backbones and
someone provides free transit between the NAP and Fix-West, or we get
no effective aggregation from 39/8.