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Short walk off a Long PIER

  • From: Bill Manning
  • Date: Tue Aug 22 10:21:02 1995

We would like to host an BOF on this whole renumbering thing.  The paperwork
is wending its way through the IETF now, but thought you would like to know.

Proceedures for Internet and Enterprise Renumbering (PIER) Charter


	Bill Manning <[email protected]>
	Roger Fajman <[email protected]> 

Area Director(s)

	Scott Bradner <[email protected]>
	Mike O'Dell   <[email protected]>

Mailing List Information

	General Discussion:  [email protected]
	To Un/Subscribe:     [email protected]

Description of Working Group

PIER will fill the niche between the ADDRCONF, CIDRD and DNSIND working
groups in identifying processes and procedures, tools and techniques
for renumbering in both the IPv4 and IPv6 environments.  Emphasis will
be placed on identifying the places where hardcoded IP addreses are
used and documenting those places.  If there are viable alternatives to
hardcoded IP addresses, the working group will document those as well.
The end results of these investigations will be a series of documents
on renumbering issues and recommendations on what actions might be
taken to address those issues where there is no currently viable
alternative.  These recommendations will be to other working groups
and/or areas regarding possible improvements to protocols that would
aid in renumbering.  The PIER working group will not develop such
protocols itself.