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Re: EP.NET ???

  • From: Havard.Eidnes
  • Date: Sat Jul 29 10:05:39 1995

> > Personally I think that this is actually a value-subtracted service,
> > as the EP.NET organisation does not run the named boxes, or the
> > exchange points.
> >
> > It would be much more helpfull the the interfaces that faces the NAP
> > and another provider where following each providers naming
> > conventions, and had a domain-name that would point the users to the
> > organisation that actually operates the boxes.
> Yes, that is the desired goal, however some sites are not
> willing or able to do so, so there is a default case where a
> name is available.  (There are some exchange points where no
> forward is registered, which can be a hassel)

The existence of a forward mapping is not a necessary technical
precondition for you to insert a reverse mapping which points in
the right direction, i.e. at the organization operating the
boxes.  However I also have trouble seeing why any ISP would
willingly decline to register it's boxes in the DNS.  I fully
agree with PL that introducing EP.NET into this is value-
subtraction, in that it will just add unneeded confusion.

- Håvard