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Re: US Domain -- County Delegations

  • From: George Herbert
  • Date: Thu Jul 27 21:54:27 1995

One thing to keep in mind is that not all of .com is broken;
major country and world wide companies should sensibly have
a short address, we just need an adaptive mechanism to allow
more local companies to come along without losing all usability
within the existing .com structure...

I wouldn't have bothered to bring this up, but someone mentioned
using an intermediate hash on *all* .com's (, which is a
waste of time.  Every extra level of address hurts a bit, and it makes
sense that "really big" companies should have simple .com addresses.

We don't have to retrofit the new mechanism to everyone for consistency's

george william herbert   [email protected] 
  KD6WUQ    Unix / Internet Consultant