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Re: Draft internic ip allocation doc

  • From: Jeremy Porter
  • Date: Fri May 19 16:26:41 1995

>> What's being asked for here is what a lot of businesses might consider
>> proprietary or trade secret type information.  There are few secrets on the
>> Internet, we all know, once the network is in place, but plans for expansion
>> and new business ought to be confidential until the day the circuit is
>> turned on.
>It is the case that several regulatory agencies ask for similar information
>when an organization requests allocation of spectrum.  For example,
>in the US the FCC asks for an "independent" engineering review  for several 
>classes of spectrum allocation.

The Internic(s) has no legal status as a regulatory agency.  Specificly
seeing as no one owns the Internet to regulate it, this is a completely
bogus point.

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