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Re: Draft internic ip allocation doc

  • From: Sean Doran
  • Date: Thu May 18 16:38:25 1995

>... must start filtering something to protect [the Internet] ...

Such filters exist and are in place in at least three
sizable ISPs' edge routers.

The routability of anything longer than /24 is no longer an issue --
it won't happen with anything even remotely approaching global scope.

The line in the sand for the various /8s that haven't yet started
being delegated by registries is there, and has been announced
and discussed ad nauseam.

	Sean. (waiting for the obligatory, "you're only doing
		this to keep your customers locked in place because
		you're an evil greedy bastard!", and wondering if
		it's going to be an IAB member _again_.) 
- --
Sean Doran <[email protected]>