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Re: IP provider performance measurement BOF

  • From: Tony Bates
  • Date: Tue Mar 14 10:55:06 1995

 [email protected] writes:
  * > >We might also want to
  * > >look at the OP-STAT WG efforts that Henry Clark and Nevell have
  * > >been working on.
  * > 
  * > Note that what we're doing is *COMPLETELY* unrelated to 1291 or GISD.  Se
  * en
  * > that hole and have successfully driven around it :-).
  * > 
  * I would think that you really can't measure performance w/o standardized
  * metrics for collecting operational statistics.
  * And GISD appears to be in stasis.
To expand on this a little. GISD is somewhat at a standstill. I am
partly repsonsible for this for starting something and not seeing it
through due to change of projects at the time. Unfortunately the new
chair of this group has also had little time to put in. This could be
a very useful part of the provider performance work but will need some
direct drive at this point.