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Second Step in Database transition

  • From: Elise Gerich
  • Date: Fri Mar 03 11:28:49 1995


Many of you have been using the whois clients that permit you to
query information in the PRDB. Whereas we are still
completing the testing for generating consistent configurations
for AS 690 from the RADB, the RADB is populated with all
the information that the PRDB knows.  Therefore, by 
Monday, March 6, 1995, when you issue a whois query for
a network or a contact, the information that you will
receive will come from the RADB.

The whois client will return the same information if you
query or  Here are samples of
the responses you will see:

Sample 1

whois -h MAINT-AS237 

mntner:      MAINT-AS237
descr:       People authorized to make changes for AS237
admin-c:     JMD24
tech-c:      JMD24
upd-to:      [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        MAIL-FROM [email protected]
auth:        CRYPT-PW tbYt8hHdWtMPU
remarks:     # note this is pre-approved for AS 3561 -- please update that entry too
mnt-by:      MAINT-AS237
changed:     [email protected] 950214
source:      RADB
Sample 2

whois -h 128.140

descr:       EMORY-INET
origin:      AS279
advisory:    AS690 1:3561(218) 2:3561(11) 3:279 4:86
mnt-by:      SURA
changed:     [email protected] 941101
source:      MCI

descr:       Emory University
descr:       Atlanta
descr:       GA 30322, USA
comm-list:   COMM_NSFNET
advisory:    AS690 1:3561(218) 2:3561(11) 3:279 4:86
changed:     [email protected] 941114
source:      PRDB

Note that if you query or information on a route,
it will return all entries for that route and the source of the
information. Possible sources are: ca*net, mci, prdb, radb and

If you query for network or contact information, you will receive
information from the RADB with a message indicating that the PRDB is retiring.
The standard queries to,
	whois -h 'contact <#>'
	whois -h <#>
will continue to work for several more weeks. 

If you have any questions concerning this next step in the deployment
of the RADB aand the retirement of the PRDB, please send email to
[email protected]  Thanks.