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Re: Agenda suggestions?

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Wed Jan 25 21:12:49 1995

>I would say that it's better to have the route go away and let the user
>know about it than to throw data into the bit bucket.

Static routes shouldn't go away.  It was a cheap shot to help
people who can't configure dynamic routing properly.

>Maybe we could compromise on an option to leave the route there when the
>circuit goes down,

It has to be default to take any effect on global routing flap.
Non-default options aren't used by those without a clue; and
it is precisely netadmins whith no clue whose networks do most
harm to the Internet.

>for those network managers who want to receive calls
>from users saying "My data went into the bit bucket" and then spend some
>time to figure out that it's because the circuit went down.

Those "managers" got to fix their routing, ok?