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Re: Finally, a small commentary

  • From: Tired of the Information Superhype
  • Date: Fri Jan 20 08:49:43 1995

Thanks for the maps.  Your proposal is very interesting to this
soon-to-be-SprintLink site.  Currently we plan to bring up 3xT1 to
Stockton in a few weeks, and I wonder why exactly you chose Cheyenne
rather than Salt Lake or Ogden?  I assume your ROW follows the Union
Pacific tracks, but there is little local traffic in Cheyenne.

I would very much like to see a major ISP put a POP in this area with
a T3 to the Bay Area NAP, so that the University of Utah could
maintain a T3 link to the world (which we currently have from ANS).
The Salt Lake area has considerable local traffic (as does Denver of
course, but that's not on the UP main line).

-- Walt-------