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SF NAP status

  • From: Frank Liu
  • Date: Fri Dec 02 17:10:39 1994

Pacific Bell San Francisco NAP status
Network/Org.            Speed   POP Location            Status
----------------------  ------  -------------           -------
ANS/NSFNET              DS3     Hayward (MCI)           in operation
MCI Internet            DS3     Hayward (MCI)           in operation
PacBell Lab             DS3     PacBell San Ramon       in operation
Router Server I/ISI     DS3     PacBell Concord         circuit connected
AGIS                    DS3     San Jose (Wiltel)       order in process
Compuserve              DS3                             order in process
CRL Internet            DS3                             order in process
NET99                   DS3     San Jose (Wiltel)       order in process
NETCOM                  DS3     San Jose (Wiltel)       order in process
InterNetworks           DS3     SF (MFS)                order in process
Databank                DS3                             letter of intent
Route Server II/ISI     DS3     PacBell NDPSC           letter of intent
SprintLink              DS3                             letter of intent
vBNS/MCI                DS3     Hayward (MCI)           letter of intent
PCH                     DS3                             Interest
PSI                     DS3     Santa Clara             Interest
GEONET                  DS3     Palo Alto               Interest

Frank Liu
Pacific Bell
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