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Re: wiretapping continues....

  • From: Curtis Villamizar
  • Date: Mon Oct 31 11:51:19 1994

In message <[email protected]>, George H. Clapp
> >Date: Thu, 27 Oct 1994 14:43:37 -0400
> >From: Vadim Antonov <[email protected]>
> >Subject: Re:  wiretapping continues....
> >
> >We will hit limitations of the present/then-future routing technology
> >long before we'll exhaust the possibilities to increase the
> >NAP aggregate and access bandwidth by cheap incremental upgrades.
> >That's the whole point of Sprint NAP architecture. ATM/SMDS/Flame Delay
> >do not get even close to what we achieve (and ATM is not useful yet).
> Doesn't Sprint plan on offering an ATM service, and doesn't MFS
> Datanet provide an ATM backbone service?
> George Clapp
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Do you know any happy customers?  No traffic equals no scaling
problems.  Right?

Did you see Tim's NANOG presentation?  Seems they are having enough
trouble getting ATM to work in a point to point configuration on a
real network (with delay).  Matches our NAP test findings as well.

Not that ATM is hopeless, just the equipment may not be quite ready
for 1994 deployment in a critical Internet exchange point carrying
lots of TCP wide area traffic.  I think that is still an open question
(deploy first, figure out if it will work later?).

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