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Re: wiretapping continues....

  • From: Mark Knopper
  • Date: Fri Oct 28 12:03:45 1994

At 9:48 AM 10/27/94, Martin L. Schoffstall wrote:

>Merit/NSFNet already tackled these issues in an insufficent and unopen manner.
>MarkFedor/ColeLibby from PSI said there was a "quiet" admission that the old
>methodology was already "approved" for the SPRINT NAP.

Since it is not possible or desirable for NAP providers to collect
statistics on IP source/destination pairs, protocol types, or per-NSP
datagram counts, it seems that a different mechanism would be needed to do
engineering analyses to manage Internet performance and growth. The NSFNET
mechanism which used a device at each regional DMZ (nnstat or equivalent)
seemed like a good mechanism to do that, especially given the
research/education focus of the regionals. I suggest that it would be very
difficult to do this sort of monitoring on commercial networks. Why not
continue the NSFNET sponsored and approved method of placing collectors at
NSF-supported regional network DMZs even after the NSFNET transition, so
that we have at least a sampling of Internet traffic measurements.

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