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Re: Notes from the October NANOG meeting

  • From: Bilal Chinoy
  • Date: Thu Oct 27 12:50:51 1994

Regarding the NAP traffic projections and implications
for FDDI NAPs ...

Sprint is in the process of acquiring a FDDI switch
and plan to have it installed and operational in the 
next couple of months.

High-traffic NSPs can then be moved over to the switch, giving 
100 (or slightly more) Mbps capacity pairwise. Switch monitoring
and management will be integrated with existing NAP management

Thanks for the notes ...

			-- Bilal
			   (San Diego Supercomputer Center)

> John Scudder then discussed some modeling he and Sue Hares have done on the
> projected load at the NAPs. The basic conclusions are that the FDDI
> technology (at Sprint) will be saturated sometime next year and that
> load-balancing strategies among NSPs across the NAPS is imperative for the
> long term viability of the new architecture. John also expressed concern
> over the lack of expressed policy for the collection of statistical data by
> the NAP operators. All of the NAP operator are present and stated that they
> will collect data, but that there are serious and open questions concerning
> the privacy of that data and how to publish it appropriately. John said
> that collecting the data was most important. Without the data, there is no
> source information from which publication become possible. He said that
> MERIT/NSFNET had already tackled these issues. Maybe the NAP operators can
> use this previous work as a model to develop their own policies for
> publication.

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