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Wish you were coming

  • From: Susan Hares
  • Date: Thu Oct 20 13:12:25 1994


I wish you were coming.  Your input has
been most valuable on this topic. 
We'll look for you on the MBONE.

We've looked at the migration sequence given by
various regionals.    So've we've run one forecast
because that's what people predicted would happen. 

If someone from MCI or anyone else wants to send
me a list of how you think the Transition will
go, please do!  Merit's discussion of the  
transition plans are on the Merit's web server.  

Also, perhaps someone from MCI can comment publically
on when they plan to connect to FIX-East or FIX-West,
or MAE-EAST.  Again, the talk is based on what people
have suggested to me "might" happen.   At this point,
without MCI/Sprintlink connection to FIXes (East/West)
I believe the traffic goes through ANSnet.
Any information to the contrary would be nice. 

The talk is based on two sources of data
collect for AS 690, ANSNet:

	1) traffic statistics     
	2) 15 minute peak data

Since we have no traffic statistics for
interconnections such as FIX-East
Fix-West, or the CIX where traffic does not
go to NSFNet regionals - we do not have
these in our traffic matrix.

Hope this helps.   John Scudder's working on
this with me so send mail to him too!


Sue Hares
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