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Re: The "best" version of "ping"?

  • From: Dale S. Johnson
  • Date: Wed Oct 19 10:44:42 1994


> > OK, I get the idea, five responses in five minutes.  A distribution of
> > my multi-featured ping is available from
> >
> > 
> > Jeff
> Dare I ask the same question for traceroute?  We have a version with
> hacks for MTU discovery, source routing, and loss statistics; are
> there other features that people have added?
> --Jamshid

There is "prtraceroute" by RIPE's PRIDE project.  prtraceroute takes
normal traceroute output, and annotates it by referring to data in
the Global Routing Registry (the RIPE database, the Routing Arbiter
Routing Registry, and others soon).  The expanded data includes the
AS of each router that is encountered, plus annotations about whether
the route taken by traceroute is the primary, secondary, etc. route
according to policy registered in the Routing Registry.

prtraceroute has been running for a long time using RIPE data;  I
believe a new version is due out soon.  Tony Bates can elaborate 
on this, I think.

--Dale Johnson
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