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10/7/94 SF NAP Status

  • From: Frank Liu
  • Date: Fri Oct 07 20:56:02 1994

Pacific Bell San Francisco NAP status as of 10/7/94: 
MCInet: Both router and DSU/CSU are connected to the NAP ATM switch 
        and the router is able to communication with itself through a 
        loopback provided by the switch. 
ANS/NSFNET: The DS3 circuit is completed on 10/7/94. The router and DSU/CSU 
        will be connected to the NAP ATM switch on Monday, 10/10/94. 
vBNS:  The DS3 circuit turn-up due date is 11/1/94 
SprintLink: DS3 ATM port has been reserved and the order is being work on. 
RS: A DS3 ATM port was reserved and the DS3 circuit between the switch and
    the RS site (Pacific Bell's NOC) was verified.
    Order has been placed.
    The space and 2 cabinets for housing the RS, protected power and 3 
    data-grade dial-up lines were ordered. 

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