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Re: Comments

  • From: Bill Norton
  • Date: Wed Aug 31 08:22:52 1994

Milo -

  >I think there is also an issue with the fact that the ADSU's can't deal
  >with anything other than PVC's.  In my opinion, we really need to
  >move to an SVC environment ASAP to simplify the VC management issues.
  >Large numbers of PVC's are going to be a royal pain to tend, esp. if
  >they have to be configured manually.  I can just imagine the problems 
  >stemming from asynchonous updates of VC configurations by the various
  >attachees at the NAP's.

I would agree except for the fact that the peering relationships are

a) to be established only after humans negotiate, and then are
b) likely to be maintained long term.

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