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Re: Comments

  • From: Jessica Yu
  • Date: Tue Aug 30 11:44:39 1994

>Perhaps.  My biggest concern was that the Merit paper would be construed as
>the -only- way an ATM NAP would work. They clearly did not indicate there
>were potential choices nor did they indicate the assumptions that were made
>for their test.

Bill, now I doubt if you read the paper carefully or not.

First of all, this paper does not design the ATM-NAP architecture BUT is a 
ROUTING DESIGN for the planned ATM-NAP architecture.  Please don't confuse
these two different issues.  

For the planned ATM-NAP architecture (i.e. RFC1490/AAL5) with the current
availability of the RS's (i.e. SUN) ATM interface product, what other choices 
do we have to connect the RS and do NAP routing at this time frame? 

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