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Re: Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

  • From: Michael A. Patton
  • Date: Fri Jul 15 13:04:04 1994

   From: [email protected]
   Date: Thu, 14 Jul 94 18:20:28 -0700

   Although I've gone ahead and configured on aggregate for AU, I'm
   not in a position right now to utilize it. Thus, we will continue
   to request that specific nets get added.

Although Jeff may have additional reasons---his situation is a bit
more complex than ours---I just wanted to point out that DSI is in a
similar situation (as described), and does not need to do this.

Like NSI, the DSI is not capable of using aggregates internally, yet
we _do_ have aggregates in the PRDB (with no more-specific routes
listed) that are working fine (199.54/15 and 199.56.160/19).  We
advertise individual (classful) nets within these blocks to NSFnet,
and they only propagate the aggregate to the rest of the net.

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