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  • From: Steven J. Richardson
  • Date: Thu Jun 30 13:23:22 1994

NSFNET-CERT members:

  If you are receiving this, then you are on the [email protected]
list; if you wonder why you are on this list, please note that it is a
list of (exploder) lists, some of which are not located on

  If you are receiving these messages and think that you should not or
do not wish to, then you could examine the header of _this_ message as
an indication of which list you are on which would forward this to you,
or at least on which machine said list resides.

  If you don't have headers or there are other problems, you could:

	- telnet 25

	- helo <name of your machine>

	- expn nsfnet-cert

and look for your name.  

  IF YOUR NAME * DOES * APPEAR and you wish to be removed, then you can

	[email protected]
		   Important!  This will stop flames to you!

or [email protected] regarding this (FYI:  all members of
[email protected] are on the list). 

  IF YOUR NAME * DOES NOT * APPEAR and you wish to be removed, then here
are some exploder lists on other machines which you could check:

 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],
 [email protected],

(again, you can use the above procedure, but telnet to port 25 of, e.g., to EXPaNd its own "nsfnet-cert" list).  This procedure
should be used recursively until you find your name on a list (which you
may or may not recognize) or reach a dead end, in which case you could
message [email protected]<machine you stopped at> for further guidance.


  Steve Richardson/Merit Network, Inc.


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